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It is our goal to be a trustworthy and reliable global brand that sells genuine Natural products that are safe for consumption and promises quality of life at the same time without any side effect !We are dedicated and focused on creating the ultimate solutions and best natural health care to everyone with pure natural products that works effectively with no negative side effects. With our products and services, you are assured of Quality and Effectiveness.

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We bring you nothing but the best of Organic Food Products! Our motto is to provide 100% natural products to you. All of our products are organic and pure.

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We prioritize your health. All Gowell Organic Products are produced without the use of any chemicals. We bring harmless and naturally-consumable food.

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Our Organic Supplements are crafted to support a variety of health needs by harnessing the power of natural and organic ingredients. 

     my chester enjoys being with them!     

We LOVE going for walks with our friends at Paw! Don’t tell our mom & dad,but we get really excited when they leave for work because we know it won’t be long before we get a visit from one of our favorite friends at PawCity! Best part is, they always let our parents know how ourwalk went right away so they dont have to worry about us!

We love you PawCity!! xoxo

Anna Olson, Chester’s Mom

About us

At PawCity, we lead lives full of the unconditional love and happiness we receive from the furballs we get to spend time with everyday and we have this beautiful city and all the beautiful people in it to thank. We love you and your pups!!

We moved to New York City with our black bulldog rescue, Blakely, in 2007 after graduating from the University of Maryland. Immediately, we realized what a dog-crazy place it was.

We knew right away that we wanted to work with the animals that we loved and that had given us so much love since we were little girls. We started PawCity Dog Walking in July of 2010.

We cover the entire width of the East Side, from 96th Street to Delancey and handle every type of personality imaginable. At PawCity, we lead lives full of the unconditional love and happiness we receive from the furballs we get to spend time with everyday.

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area we serve

As a small team of experienced dog owners and lovers, we really get to know you and your dog and we can guarantee consistent and personal care that is equal to your love and attention.

We are so excited to make you a part of the family!

Kwabena Duffour Street,Accra,.
 Cantonments Accra, Ghana

054 6575710

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